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NetTalk 9

The NetTalk 9 release will take place this Friday (Dec 4, 2015) on the ClarionLive Weekly Webinar (http://clarionlive.wikispaces.com).
This will include the first demonstration of running a program, generated by Clarion, as a native app (ie an APK) on an Android device.
It promises to be a lot of fun, so join us online during the Webinar.
The Webinar is at 9 am Pacific time, 12 noon Eastern, 7 pm South African and 5 pm GMT.
If you can’t join us live the webinar will be recorded, and posted for later download and viewing.
If you are not yet registered for the weekly webinar (which happens every Friday at ClarionLive) then you can register using this link;
This promises to be one of the most important releases for NetTalk, so definitely not one to miss out on.
Bruce Johnson


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