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NetTalk 10 release this Friday!

It’s been a crazy-busy last few months, but finally the day is drawing near.
NetTalk 10 will be released this Friday (28 July) on the ClarionLive Weekly Webinar.

This week we’ll be concentrating on the new additions to NetTalk Desktop and this is by far the biggest update to NetTalk Desktop since NetTalk was released.
(the NetTalk Server webinar is happening on August 11).

This is definitely not a webinar to miss!

For the NetTalk Release webinar this Friday, and Friday August 11th, we want to allow more than 100 users.

This is tricky to do on the regular ClarionLive account.
So we’ve made a custom webinar which covers this Friday and August 11.

To save yourself some effort on Friday you can pre-register here;

You will be able to do an ad-hoc join on Friday, but registering now will save you some effort later on.



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