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The Wacky short notice meeting

Wacky Wednesday
A big thanks goes to everyone who attended last nights meeting. The meeting was arranged at very short notice (1 day) and we had a very successful turnout. We decided to give Karin a break from making snacks and ordered Wacky Wednesday’s from Steers. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

Welcome to Harry who has been on our mailing list from the beginning, but is a newbie to our group. Welcome! We also missed Gary and Trevor last night… Gary had to sort out a small tiff he had between “Gary the-programmer”, “Gary the-business-owner” and “Gary the-family-man”. Trevor sends his apologies, as he seemed to be part of a sabotage attempt on his car (I’m sure he will tell us all about it. Very scary.). We really glad he is ok.

The meeting went very smoothly, with Ben talking about Secwin Online Server and how he uses it to manage his product licences as well as his views on the product. On a side-note, Ben will be giving all the HCUG users a copy of his Clarion Version Control system he developed. Thanks Ben! Info on that soon….

There wasn’t a shortage of topics to chat about, but for the exception of Ben’s discussion that we pre-arranged, there weren’t any other topics to that we had decided on beforehand. Marius brought along a projector which we didn’t use, so from now on I will be sending out a mail beforehand (at least a week before :-)) to ask for topics to discuss. We seriously need to see some live demos!

So on that note, for those of you that want to post here, please do!
Need a login? – hcug[at]clarionusergroups.com

Oh ja, almost forgot – Thanks to David for the use of his home for the meeting and to Karin and Jason (No not me!) for getting us our grub. 😉 I’m sure I speak for the entire group when I say HCUG wouldn’t be the same without David and Karin and all they do for the group. Big thank you.



2 Responses to “The Wacky short notice meeting”

  1. David says:

    It all about team effort!

    Lets make this the Best group eva!

    (Thanks Okes!)

  2. JBagley says:

    David, that comment was almost as cheesy as the cheese we ate on our Steers burgers! hehe. 😉

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