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Riebens Version Control System for Clarion

Ben Riebens, one of the Helderberg Usergroup members, has released a version control system for Clarion. And because he is such a nice guy, all members can obtain a copy for free!

RVCS is safe file encrypted, so download CapeSoft’s safe file reader (which is also free!), in order to un-encrypt the file. One last thing… you going to need a password to access it. So send me an email(jasonbagley[at]eadsdirect[dot]com), and I’ll send you the password that will un-encrypt the file.

More awesome products that Ben is working on, can be found at his website – www.riebens.co.za

Click here to download RVCS.saf

Please note that this program is NOT a FREE product, and as such, the product may not be distributed to anyone else. The RVCS is under constant development and any requests may be directed to Ben at bdl@riebens.co.za for enhancements and upgrades.

The product makes use of the Integrated IDE Version Control from Softvelocity, and some versions of Clarion 6 have TXA/TXD problems and may cause problems for the use of RVCS. Please always make a backup of any program before using RVCS. (Clarion 9050 is especially suspect)


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