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Faxing from Clarion

Hi Guys. Sorry I never made it back to the meeting after my band practice, it finished later than I had anticipated.. At the meeting Dave mentioned faxing from Clarion, so I took a look at this last night and knocked up an example APP. If anyone wants to take a look you can download the example from here. It doesn’t work across a LAN (yet), for now you must enter the local PC name in the server field. My local PC is called “GARYHP”, which is why it defaults to that. You must have Microsoft Fax set up and working for this example APP to work. Also, this only works on Windows 2000, XP, and 2003.
Cheers, Gary.


9 Responses to “Faxing from Clarion”

  1. Gary James says:

    Here’s what the code looks like in the APP:

    MyFax.SendFax (‘MYPC’, ‘c:\test.doc’, ‘0800123321’)

    Cool hey! 🙂

  2. Gary James says:

    Ok, have uploaded a new example. Now all you have to enter is the fax number, and the document you want to fax. The PC name (server name) is automatically filled in for you by the class, so you don’t need to worry about that anymore..

  3. Gary James says:

    Ok, just uploaded a new example.. Now you can also run the example EXE from the command line passing it the fax number and document name, then it will automatically send that fax and then close itself.

    eg: faxdemo 0880218555078 c:\test.doc

  4. Gary James says:

    New ZIP example uploaded, and I have released the template, examples, etc as a new product called “J-Fax”, which you can download from http://www.strategyonline.co.za/ftp/public/jfaxsetup.exe. It is fully functional, it just displays a splash screen for now, which I’ll take out once it’s released officially.

  5. Gary James says:

    Ok, forget all the links above :). From now on you can download the demo from http://www.strategyonline.co.za/jfax. I will be announcing this new product on Monday..

  6. David says:

    I have tested the FAX tool application from Gary … and it is truely awesome. Works very well. I intend to do some more tests using other file formats other than word.

    Well Done Gary!

  7. Gary James says:

    Thanks Dave! Much appreciated.. 🙂

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