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Poll: Which day of the week best suits you?

As I promised, here is the poll. We want to know, which day of the week best suits you when it comes to having UserGroup meetings. Currently all our meetings are held on Wednesday evenings, but we are starting to notice that the numbers seem to be down on previous meetings (although our mailing list increases almost weekly!).

So please vote on the poll, as well as leave comments or suggestions on the meeting dates / times or anything else you can think of.

Update: It seems that the poll keeps getting suspended for some odd reason…. I’ll try and get it fixed ASAP!
Update 2: All fixed!


8 Responses to “Poll: Which day of the week best suits you?”

  1. JBagley says:

    Me? I’m pretty easy, as long as it’s not a friday! 🙂

    I just want to see the most members at Usergroup as possible.

  2. AC (Alten Claassen) says:

    Any day from Tuesday to Thursday.

  3. Johan van Zyl says:

    What about “None of the Above”
    You must give people all possible the choices

  4. JBagley says:

    Well I don’t really want people voting for “none of the above”. If thats the person’s choice, then I doubt that person even wants to come to Usergroup! 🙂

  5. Benjamin Dell says:

    I second the ‘None of the Above’ ….:-)

    Seriously, I can not vote as I am leaving for three months coming Saturday morning.

    Have Fun deciding….


  6. Gary says:

    Hi Guys.

    Mon, Thurs and Fri are out for me. Tuesday gets 5 thumbs, Wednesday gets 4 thumbs.

    See you at the next meeting!!! 🙂


  7. Alberto Pepler says:

    What should I do to join the user group ?
    Alberto Pepler
    082 568 3004
    (021) 975 2556

  8. JBagley says:

    Hi Alberto, I’ve added you to the mailing list. 🙂 You should receive 2 emails about tomorrow’s meeting.

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