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Am I Alone?

One thing we have realised here at the HCUG, is that many people still struggle to find answers to their questions regarding their Clarion Development challenges. While we nurture an attitude of helpfulness and community, and are always keen to help our fellow Clarioneers out, we also don’t want our user group meetings to become the local Clarion Anonymous Support Group (CASG). 🙂 So, we decided to put together a list of some the most useful resources available, and encourage and help you to help yourself.

So, without further ado, there are 2 primary forms of Clarion Resources available, namely Newsgroups, and Online Knowledge Bases. There are both free and paid for options available.


I can honestly say that from my experience, the newsgroups have been one of the best possible places for finding information and getting help. I’m sure you will find this to be true. The Clarion Community world wide is very helpful and friendly.

Tip: Outlook Express support reading the NNTP protocol. If you have Outlook Express installed on your system, you can simly click the links above, and Outlook Express will prompt you through the setup. Alternatively, you can search google for various NewsReaders.

Online Knowledge Bases

Over the years, there have been various knowledge base websites popping up, but unfortunately many of them have not been maintained or drawn as much traffic and therefore have slipped into dormancy. The good news is that there are some fantastic resources available. Probably the best resource available to our community is one of the longest standing resources available, and continues to provide top quality articles and information, as well as podcasts, opinion polls, and a blog.

(Our favourites marked with a *)

  • ClarionMag *

    This without a doubt is one of, if not the best resource available to the Clarion Community. This site is subscription based, but I am sure you will find it worth every penny. Dave Harms has been running this publication since 1999. He has vast experience in Clarion, and has been an integral part of the Clarion Community for many years. He has taken Clarion Magazine to higher and higher levels over the years, and provides a very professional service. The website has a very attractive look and feel, and utilizes some of today’s latest web technologies. ClarionMag not only provides subscriber articles, but hosts a number of other useful free resources. These include free articles, podcasts, an opinion poll, blog, and news. There are numerous RSS feeds available for these various resources. All in all, highly recommended!
  • SoftVelocity’s Web Portal *

    SoftVelocity host their own blog, and a web based forum here. Though you will not find daily news on the Blog, this is often the place in which Bob Z (Robert Zaunere – CEO SoftVelocity) himself communicates the latest breaking news from the SV headquarters. The forums are generally quieter than the newsgroups, but are also a great source of information.
  • IceTips *

    Arnor Baldvinsson of IceTips Software has collected a good database of Clarion articles over the years. Many of these originate from the newsgroups, and he has provided an easily accessible and searchable site for these. Use the Resources menu to access the Article Index or Search form.
  • Steve Parker

    Steve Parker has maintained a free knowledge base and download center for many years. One of the interesting things about Steve’s site is that is built with Clarion’s Web Builder Templates.
  • ClarionPublisher

    ClarionPublisher is a portal into currently 2 knowledge bases sites, namely ClarionFoundry, and a MSSQL FAQ site. ClarionFoundry has also been a well known and useful resource to the Clarion Community for many years. The site has loads of useful information, and also provides notifications and RSS feeds. ClarionFoundry does require a subscription fee.
  • ClarionFAQ

    ClarionFAQ seems to be under contruction at the moment, but this URL does redirect you to the “old” site.
  • ClarionPost

    ClarionPost is free online resource providing a forum, comprehensive download center, and Clarion links.

Other Miscellaneous Resources

So there you have it folks. We here at HCUG can’t tell you how useful these resources have been during our Clarion Careers, and have aided us in our businesses. We strongly encourage everyone to utilize and participate in this wonderful community of Clarion Developers.

‘Til next time,



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