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Clarion’s Window Formatter

I’ve got a tiny productivity tip for Clarion’s window formatter.

How do you normally get to a control’s property screen? Right click > properties. But guess what? Highlighting a control and pressing Enter does the same thing.

Those of you that knew this, put your hands up…. 🙂 I thought you wouldn’t know!

Just another hidden Clarion feature that 92% of developers don’t know about.


4 Responses to “Clarion’s Window Formatter”

  1. Big Ian says:

    I knew about it (Sorry but it seemed obvious to me). Does anyone know why when copying a control (using F2) you have to hit enter twice in order to get the properties?


  2. JBagley says:

    Hi Ian, the reason for having to hit enter twice is that the focus of the control after the F2 (copy) has gone to the text field. Pressing enter once, will accept the text field, and then hitting enter again, opens up the control’s properties.

  3. aldaagu says:

    Hellow. yo solo hablo spanish. sorry!
    Trabajo con Clarion 6.1 desde hace 6 meses. Necesito saber xq al trabajar con un text property la variable asociada a él siempre me guarda valores que no son los que escribo en el y como solucionar esto?

  4. Double click the control to bring up its embeds.

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