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Where have all the classes gone?

The rather obscure title of this post is a reference to this great song, but also refers to the example code for my last two sessions on classes that I’ve been speaking on at the Clarion User Group meetings.

I’m busy getting ready for tonight’s meeting, where I’ll be discussing virtual methods, inheritance, and a whole bunch of other uber-cool things. I’ll make the source code for tonight’s session (as well as the past two sessions) available here on ClarionUserGroups.com later tonight, after the meeting.

See you there!


3 Responses to “Where have all the classes gone?”

  1. Gary James says:

    Just a quick update.. Only got home from the meeting quite late last night. Will upload the tutorials later today.



  2. David Swindon says:

    Great Stuff Gary.
    PS Thanks for the great session last night. It is invaluable!

  3. Alberto Pepler says:

    Hi Gary

    Where do we look for the uploaded tutorials ?



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