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About H.C.U.G.

HCUG stands for Helderberg Clarion User Group. Currently we are the only User Group in the Cape Town region (That we know of :-)). The group use to meet monthly however with us being able to join Clarionlive every Friday late afternoon, it has been a far better inclusive international group experience.

The focus of the group is to share knowledge and expertise in the fields that we are in. The group comprises of complete newbies to folks that have been programming with Clarion since it was version 1.0.

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ClarionLive International User Group
Every Friday at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM SAST
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ClarionLive! Open Webinar
Every Wednesday 8am Pacific Time
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NetTalk User Group
Every Thursday at 3pm GMT
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Noyantis User Group
Now Every Monday at 8am Pacific Time!
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