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Previous topics discussed at Local meetings :

  • Secwin and Transaction Auditing – David Swindon
  • SQL Optimisations. (Considering what FM3 Does) – David Swindon
  • Clarion – TPS to Clarion – SQL – David Swindon
  • SQL Optimisations. – David Swindon
  • In-Memory Driver – David Swindon
  • Secwin 4, What makes it so Great and using it effectively. – David Swindon
  • Total Commander, the alternative to Windows Explorer on Steroids. – Arthur Brand
  • To get Classes to work in a Multi-DLL app (Visible throughout). – Gary James
  • FM3 – SQL How to use different SQL Databases from one App – Gary and David
  • Bring your Queries, Challenges and we can discuss them. – Facilitator David Swindon
  • Classes, Call forwards, Call Backs and Interfaces – Gary James
  • List and Labels Revisted – Overview and cool functions – David Swindon
  • Recap and continue on classes and the benefit thereof. – Gary James
  • Discuss productivity tips and “quick start” hands-on clarion to MSSQL development techniques. – David Swindon
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks
  • Classes and easily converting Routines to Classes. – Gary James
  • Clarion MSSQL DCT changes to take advantage of Auto Increment
  • Creating you own classes, rather not use routines or long embed points
  • Am I alone? Where to get help and resouces for Clarion
  • Clarion 6.3 demo on Windows Vista RC1
  • Clarion 7 Demo! – Video
  • Memory / Dynamic / IP Driver – Johan Rademan
  • Email and all its possibilities with Clarion – Malcom Garbutt
  • Converting Clarion into PHP. Can it be done? – Johan van Zyl
  • Secwin Online Manager – Ben Dell
  • VCS systems development – Ben Dell
  • MS SQL and Clarion findings – David Swindon
  • Business rules in MS SQL, DCT and Client Side – Gerrit le Roux
  • Source Code Version Control in Clarion – David Swindon
  • CHM file creation and integrating help with clarion – Benjamin Dell
  • List and Labels – Dave Swindon
  • Setting up your own web-server using ADSL, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and a couple other cool things – Gary James
  • Converting your 5.5 applications to 6.1, What not to do! – David Swindon